October Update

Bought a standard poodle puppy.  Bringing him home October 5, so October will be full of housebreaking, and FUN.




After I finished a college degree in economics, I got a second chance to choose a major, finally the right one for me: biology.

Studying biology also meant studying the foundations of biology, physics and chemistry.  The moment I started learning about electromagnetism and atoms and cells I started seeing God.  I saw God’s hand in energy waves, in electrons, in states of matter and rates of reaction, in the molecules and mechanisms of life.  I saw God in the billions of years and manifold mysteries of the evolution of the universe, and in the billions of years and molecular miracles of the evolution of life on earth.  Evolution!  What an awesome glimpse at the mind and power of the Creator!

A little while later, I had another spiritual awakening; I realized that I have a soul.  As I embraced my true career and my soul, I came to certain beliefs:

I believe I am one with the universe.

I believe my soul is a piece of God inside me.

I believe we all contain such pieces of God inside.

I believe these shared parts of God are what drive us in every worthy endeavor. Every effort to know, to express, to teach, to learn.

I believe we are driven to seek God through our spirit work.

I believe we are striving to connect with our source, striving for home.

I believe the path is different for each person.
Different for the statistician, for the lawyer, for the gardener, for the painter, for the business person, for the carpenter, for the poet…I believe those on their true paths can recognize each other.

I believe they are flames from the same fire.

I believe this is our purpose in life, to follow the soul’s path, to bring our portion of God to earth.